Corsair Trimarans are versatile, exciting and offer superb performance for racing and cruising with the family. They also feature unique trailerability (trailer to sailing in 30 minutes), shallow draft and uncompromised comfort and safety. All of The Multihull Source team members own and race Corsair trimarans - no other dealer can offer more knowledge about all the different models.

Since 1986 Corsair Marine has built over 1700 trailerable trimarans, including the 750's, 24s, F-27, Corsair 28, Corsair 31 and the Corsair 36 & 37. Corsairs evolved from Ian Farrier's original folding trimaran, the Trailertri 18, launched in Australia in 1974. Prominent features of the Corsair tri include: efficient design, ample accommodation, superb construction and engineering, planing hull configuration, high-buoyancy, incredible stability and minimal heel. Built to be strong and light, Corsair Trimarans incorporate state-of-the-art aerospace composite technology.

The ease of trailerability is one of the hallmarks of the Corsair line. The exclusive Farrier Folding System enables the overall beam of the boat to be reduced to a mere 8'-2" (2.5 M) without loss of structural strength or on-the-water stability. Proven reliability and ease of use have made this the most practical multihull folding system for twenty-five years.

Corsairs also feature highly efficient fractional rigs with clear anodized aluminum spars and rugged stainless steel standing rigging. High-tech, light-weight carbon fiber wing-masts are standard on the Corsair 37. Many Corsair boats have roller furling booms that make mainsail furling, reefing and stowage especially easy. All models except the 37 have custom mast steps to facilitate easy single-handed mast raising using the trailer